Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baking For Valentines

Making vegan marshmallows has become somewhat of an obsession of mine. Scott, my husband is vegetarian, a devout vegetarian and former vegan.

That means no gelatin.

So I began a mission. Make marshmallows without gelatin.

I trolled blog after blog, site after site, trying to find the solution. Everyone had tried and failed, especially since the discovery that the vegan gelatins on the market were not, in fact, vegan.

That's when I discovered, Angel Food, based in New Zealand. Unable to ship their magic vegan marshmallows, they developed a mix that could be sent worldwide.

So I have purchased said mix, and in a Valentine baking frenzy I have decided to give it a go.

I failed to take pictures of the process, between whisking and panicking about my sugar syrup mix over boiling. But I did take some of the cocoa mess aftermath... They were surprisingly easy to make but quite time consuming.

So Scotty dog these are for you. Vegan Cocoa Mallows. I know you barely care about marshmallows. But hate eating them without you.

I bought mine here.

1 comment:

amy said...

this was the greatest torture for me when i was strictly vegetarian.

i always wondered if there was a way to use agar in marshmellows?
homemade marshmellows are so much better than packaged anyway, and you're too sweet for making them!