Sunday, April 5, 2009

Press Club

With the first birthday of Stylesmith coming up soon I've been reflecting on the past year and it's success and I realised I have a lot of people to thank for my success.

The obvious ones would be my husband, family and friends, the models, Kate my amazing friend and and make-up artist.

My wonderful customers.

But I am really truly thankful for the great press I have received throughout the past year from all you wonderful bloggers out there.So I have compiled a little list... thanks so much you're all fabulous.

Etsy Wedding

Coco and Kelley

Indie Shopping

A Practical Wedding

Journeys of Mangonett

Rini and Faith

Kelli Green

Big Girls Clothes Horse

Conversation Pieces

Creative Monsoon

The Haute Craftour

Lipstick Lace. Brass Knuckles

Tha Hotness

Valentine Interviews



Lurrrve is all you need

Amanda Sainsbury

Greetz From Tiz

Susie and Prue

Picture Credits from Clockwise: Vintage Royal Typewriter from AntiNu, Chocolate Brown Typewriter from JessJamesJake, Antique Royal Typewriter from Vintage Tea, IBM Selectric Typewriter from Kelly Hillis, Red Sears Electric Typewriter from Happy Day Vintage, Vintage Pink Typewriter from Bleep


Q's Daydream said...

Hi, thanks for the comment! My shoes are from TJ Max but the brand is Mudd. Great blog! :o)

Shannon said...

Hey! Thanks for featuring my pink typewriter!

stylesmith said...

Thanks Q!