Sunday, April 19, 2009

Belles Lettres

So a little while, maybe a full year ago in fact, a fell a little bit for Belles Lettres, a seller on Etsy. She had created a kit called 'Know Your Corbusier' a series of laminated flash cards intent on teaching one the basic classics of Mid Century Modern Furniture.

The light humour and design bent made me squeal. And at some point I really must buy a set for my brother (the purveyor behind Homespun)

Today perusing Belles Lettres' store I was more than a little bit blown away. This is now a fully fledged love. I am fascinated as to what this girl can do with a laminator.

I adore the decoupaged Matroshka dolls, the bags, the dresses. Wow. Clearly a step in a very good direction. And I'm kind of wanting to purchase a laminator..though I don't see a chance in hell of achieving the kind of greatness that Belles Lettres presented me with today.

Well done.

(As a side note check out this listing in her store. What an amazing and fascinating project. I wish I could have been an original subscriber. Also you must check out her books, very inspiring.)


Pretty Things said...

Her stuff is really cool -- unique is the best!

Rascallion said...

What a great find. The poetry had me all teary.