Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Year of Stylesmith

Once a month starting a little late this month, I shall be adding a one of kind product to the store.

This will give me a chance to exercise my creative ability without committing to a full product line and you a chance to own a very special one of a kind creation.

This month's; aptly entitled 'January' is created on a small buckram frame, using silver grey felted wool and is topped off with a beaded and sequined flower. This is also the first time veiling has appeared in Stylesmith (apart from custom orders)

This particular veiling was purchased from my lovely and ancient millinery supply store and dates back to WWII. Many of the creations for the coming months will feature veiling from this beautiful collection and I can't wait to play...

And you can't wait to see? Right?!

Available in store now for $35

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