Friday, January 16, 2009

Whilst scouring Etsy with every intention in writing a wonderful post about vintage hats I stumbled across Risen.

And I'm so very pleased I did. Pure decadence, ultra sultry and filled with sex appeal. And that's just the photographs.

A small but perfect selection of vintage garments at a price that's beyond worth it.

Check it out here.

Photo above: Meeeeeeooooow Skirt, $56

Black Beauty Flower Bracelet, $98

Lady Lovely Black Hat, $74

Material Girl, $84


wrecklessgirl said...

hey!!! i was so excited to see our images on your blog!!! thank you so much! tia is a genius when it comes to scouting vintage. i just had to convince her to sell some of it *wink* there will ALWAYS be more vintage.

i love love love your dainty blog. so lovely!

wrecklessgirl said...

ps. i'm talking about the risen etsy store lol :)