Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Weekender

So I am little obsessed with vintage luggage.

I purchased two gorgeous white 'Vogue California' suitcases off of Ebay a few months ago, and now I'm addicted.

I use them to store all my hats in and when I have a show I open them up and 'voila!' neat display cases. (see it in action here)

I need more. Many many more. They can be used for even more than just that, storage, bedside tables, coffee tables, oh and...suitcases

The fit my nostalgic sensibilities, my love for travel and design and my need for organisation and practicalities.

Picture above by Elle Moss available to purchase here

Here are a few Etsy finds now I have you converted:

$76 @NaturalHome

$41.01 @GetReadySetGO

$120 @ A Touch of Vintage

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Angela Catirina & Bonnie said...

very cool! I still remember my mom's old orange Samsonite luggage that she took everywhere. The way it smelled; how everything fit so perfect.

My first suitcase was an Avon sales lady's sample case - teal brocade.

Love it!