Thursday, July 30, 2009


Tiffin is basically my favourite snack time treat. It's ridiculously yummy, and like most things that are both yummy and English, impossible to obtain in the US.

So...I took it upon myself to make some the other day (which is all gone and Mr.Style demanded I made more, so yesterday I made a second batch!)

It was both easy and yet more complicated than I expected. I had assumed you mix cookies, raisins and melted chocolate in a pan and then put it in the fridge - nope....making it made me realise why it's so yummy!


- Approx 2o Digestive Biscuits (these are English cookies, you can buy them at World Market, they make the best Tiffin but you could try other cookies)
- Handful of Raisins
- 1 stick of butter
- 2 Tablespoons of Sugar
- 2 1/2 Tablespoons of Cocoa (or drinking chocolate)
- 2 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup (available at World Market or you can just use pancake syrup)
- 10oz of Milk Chocolate

What to Do:

-Melt butter with the sugar and the syrup on a low heat in a pan.

-Add the raisins and the drinking chocolate and bring to the boil. Let it bubble and thicken for 2-3 minutes without scorching the butter.

-Put the biscuits (cookies) in a ziploc bag and crumble, you can hammer it with a rolling pin, but I prefer to just break them with hands so that it's not too powdery. You want some chunks, but not too big or the mixture won't stick together.

-Add the crumbs to the mixture and mix them all up making sure to coat all of the crumbs. It needs to be wet enough to stick together but not too wet to slop about! (if you find the mixture is too wet you can refrigerate it for 10 minutes, but you may end up with congealed butter bits as it generally means it's not mixed enough)

-Line a brownie pan (square pan) with parchment paper and fill the pan with the mix. Use a metal spoon to press the mix into the pan.

-Melt the milk chocolate, don't boil! And pour the melted chocolate over the mixture in the pan.

-Pop in the refrigerator for about an hour and voila! Tiffin!

Enjoy...we did!

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K @ Blog Goggles said...

So I've never heard of tiffin (outside of the Indian lunchtime custom), but that looks delicious!