Friday, September 5, 2008

Tell Us About Yourself

As a child, and well, as an adult I have always cringed or panicked at the moment in any orientation, group meeting, party, any situation where you are asked "tell us a little something about yourself"
Don't get me wrong, I'm a social person, I like people. But there's something about those seven words that make my metaphorical balls jump back inside me and make my brain freeze.
But for those who don't know me (or of me) I'm going to put my anxieties aside and attempt a mini biography.
My name is Kelsi Smith, I am the designer behind 'stylesmith' a line of handcrafted accessories, for the elegant but whimsical fashionista (and anyone in between) currently available exclusively at
I currently live in Los Angeles, with my man (Scott) and my cat (Frank). I moved here almost three years ago from the UK. I am officially an actress but apparently I am not the only the one in LA so there's not always a lot of work...
So I have put my other skills to work, designing, styling, shopping and and now bringing my finds, advice and ponderings to the world via this blog with the help of the world wide web.
So watch this space and enjoy...

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fly tie said...

i'm not too fond of that "tell us about yourself" request. i mean...i just *am*!