Sunday, September 28, 2008

Magic Potions

And I'm not talking Halloween!

I've been incredibly impressed lately by the products I have found on Etsy.

These products are clearly the best way to ethically purchase beauty items. With creams, potions, soaps, perfume and even make-up. Etsy has become the handmade Sephora.

Wiggle (featured above) says on their site: Wiggle is about pushing back against the notion that all our parts are meant to be hard and flat and angular. It's about realizing how much power there is to be found in the curvy jiggly bits. It's about spending less time in the gym and more time in the bedroom.
Now that's an ethos I can relate to!

'Oh Baby' by Wiggle. $20 for 15ml available at

And here are some other lovely Etsy beauty supplies:

Merlot Lip Butter, $4.75. Available at

Hair Polish, $9. Available at

Mineral pigment eyeshadow, $20 for ten. Available at

Foot and Hand balm, $10 each. Available at


Brook said...

the hand and foot cream are so funny!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'm makeup junkie!!

Mireio said...

I've been meaning to give Wiggle a try. I just can't choose a fragrance, it all sounds so appealing. :D

Ultratrixie is said...

OOH I love WigglePerfume!

@mierio--she has samples! all the scents i have tried so far are super!