Sunday, February 28, 2010

Green Thumbing It.

At la maison Stylesmith I'm thinking of pulling out my green thumb..if I do indeed have one.

I don't have a good track record for keeping green and pretty things cat and my husband excluded (though neither are green, they are pretty) but we do currently have a backyard, in fact we've had a backyard for over a year and we've done bugger all with it.

The main issue at this point is the yard itself. Where I live is basically the desert industrialized, and whilst I'm super fond of the climate, green things such as grass, are my yard is a dirt yard.

Planting grass just isn't an option, the soil is too hard and dry and turf is an impossibility financially, especially seen as we rent and do not own. So we've decided on gravel, surprisingly affordable...I'm also planning on a few 'mulch' areas..mainly because I like the word ; )

I also want to grow my own vegetables, I've actually tried twice now, the first time I was almost far too successful and ended up with a lot of rotten tomatoes and the second time I went away to NY and Mr. Style neglected to water anything....yet the idea of living the 'Good Life' (British tv show from the Seventies) will not pass.

I'm planning on planting in raised beds... cherry tomatoes, arugula and strawberries. Then in my already beautifully painted pots that used to house succulents at our old house (they've since died - yes I can't keep a plant designed for the desert alive IN the desert) I will plant basil, oregano, mint, cilantro and rosemary.

I figured this was a good start and that any remaining pots can receive new succulents.

It'll be a longish process for sure that will unfortunately have to begin with a lot of weed pulling...they'll grow apparently...must be all the rain & a big clean up. But I'll keep you posted with some before and after pictures.

The beautiful picture above is one I snapped quickly on my phone, it's a garden in Culver City that is a veritable wonderland of fancy things and wildness... I dream of a garden like that!

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