Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Mention handmade shoes and your brain conjures up images of clunky clogs or odd shaped leather slippers.

Mention handmade shoes on Dawanda and you'll discover PleaseMachine.

Based in Hungary PleaseMachine creates beautiful handmade and stylish shoes, as well as vintage shoes upstyled by the machine that is please.

Prices are in Euros and most are fully customizable and all are affordable... Take a gander and change your mindset completely...

Featured Pic: 'Lipstick' - 94Euros by PleaseMachine

'Color Pencil' - 50Euros by PleaseMachine

'Lady's Time' - 40Euros by PleaseMachine

'Merry Foreigner' - 60Euros from PleaseMachine

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sale is on over at AND

20% off everything only for a limited time.

So get in while you can. This is lowest my prices ever get and there won't be another sale for a very long time!!

Have fun shopping kids!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stylesmith: Gifted: For Grandma

So I am well aware that I owe several Gift Guides and have been terrible at upkeeping this blog.

Here's a promise to do better, and a promise to bring you, not one, not two but three gift guides by the end of the week!

So what do you buy the sweetest woman in the whole world?

Here's some ideas:

Main Picture: Pin Cushion from The Blue Daisy : $8

Lily of the Valley Soap, $4 by SoapiE

Silver Handknit Lace Scarf, $98 by Awkward

Soy Pinecone Candle, $8 by Berd and Bee

Butterfly House, $12 by Blue Rock Gourds

Etsy Finds: Et Al Etc

My love is existentialism is exemplified in my love for this newly found store on Etsy.

Et Al Etc, brings a minimal but design plentiful plethora of handmade and vintage finds and shockingly inexpensive prices.

Come take a look and make a friend in the lovely Evita of Et Al Etc and start practicing your latin.

Handmade Tank Top: $9

Handmade Hooded Jacket: $18

Handmade Gingham Shirt: $18